New Styles For The Summer Season

02 May 2018

Every day comes with a different feeling

At 24Bottles we love exploring new creative ways to make our bottles fit different needs and suit different styles. We gather inspiration from everything that surrounds us, from natural colours to the latest trends in fashion and design. Since we wanted more and more people to join our mission against plastic bottles, we created brand new collections to embrace all kind of taste.

We believe that aesthetic is a key point towards a more sustainable lifestyle. And that’s why, we wanted to create something that would fit every personality and style, and at the same time, respect the evolvement. As they say, combining ethical changes with personal taste.

insulated stainless steel reusable water bottle

Every new texture brings a new and unique feature, to reach and stimulate your senses. With these new collections, we wanted to give an all-round sensory experience, that will involve all your senses with every sip of your bottle from 24Bottles.
First of all, your mouth, will be satisfied, because the taste of your drinks (and their scent too) will remain the same, as freshly brewed. Your eyes will shine in awe whenever you lay your gaze on your bottle. Your hands, as well, will sense a different feeling every time they will touch a different bottle of the new collections: since some are rough, some others silky, smooth or even polished and shiny.

The Floral Collection

From the city “It” Girls and luxury addicted who will enjoy the Grand Collection, to the outdoors enthusiast who will embrace the Rover Collection; from those who love a rustic cabin mountain who will fall for the Wood Collection up till those who prefer the Spring tenderness and will not resist to the gentleness of the Silk Collection…

The Silk Collection