New Year’s Resolutions

10 Jan 2018

Why we fail and how to keep a New Year’s Resolution

As defined on Wikipedia, New Year’s Resolution “is a tradition in which a person resolve to change an undesired trait or behaviour, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their lives”. However, self-improvement is an uphill climb and failing at these resolutions is as common as setting them up. But this year, it will be different: you are the proud owner of a stylish carbon neutral bottle that will help you keep your focus, reduce your carbon footprint and decrease your plastic waste for your lifetime. While this resolution can’t go bad, unfortunately, many others do.
As we christen our new calendar, we reflect on what we achieved in the past year and plan what we can do better with the following one. So, we commit ourselves to eating less or better, to do more exercise, to save money. We plan to think more positive, to learn something new and to spend more quality time with family and friends, and so on…
But, why we fail?

A study conducted in Australia in 2015 revealed that the most common reason for participants failing their resolutions is “setting themselves unrealistic goals” and “making too many resolutions”. It can come as a surprise to read “forgetfulness” among the most common reasons to fail our resolutions.
Another study from the University of Bristol showed that men achieved their goals 22% more often when they engaged in goal settingwhile women succeeded 10% more when they made their goals public and got support from their friends.
So, to stick to your commitments, pick a few specific goals you want to achieve and keep track of your daily results. Also, keep your bottle at hand, take care and refill it anytime you can avoid buying disposable plastic bottles. You will reduce your carbon footprint by 80 grams per refill. Now, take a look at the bigger picture: how much CO2 can you save in 365 days? You do the math and be delighted with the result.
We wish you that being good at drinking sustainably will help you with other resolutions we can’t support you with.
Happy New Year from the 24Bottles Team!