24Bottles x Nike: discover Joyride Urban Bottle special edition

30 Sep 2019

Joyride Urban Bottle
is the ideal, reusable bottle to hydrate responsibly and in style.

Find out more about the 24Bottles x Nike partnership and join the race!

The joy of sportspeople

Healthy hydration and clothing with exceptional technical features are determining factors for sportspeople at all levels.

Nike has always been the ideal partner for all athletes, creating specifically designed clothing for those who want to train and achieve their goals with better results.

The collaboration between 24Bottles and Nike was born to provide sports lovers with innovative solutions, allowing them to train in comfort, without sacrificing their style.

Sustainable Style

The idea of the 24Bottles x Nike collaboration was born to make your workouts more sustainable.

The all-new Nike Joyride is equipped with the latest technology. Designed to make the race feel more sustainable, Nike Joyride allows protection by microspheres that adapt to your foot’s shape.

Similarly, 24Bottles makes more sustainable one of the fundamental elements for sportspeople: hydration. A reusable stainless steel bottle allows you to avoid disposable plastic bottles and do something for the environment.

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If you are in Milan, sign up to participate in Easy Run every Monday, and you could receive the Joyride Urban Bottle.

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