No More Fashion Victims – 24Bottles x Katharine Hamnett

04 Sep 2018

A sustainable partnership against (fast) fashion victims 

We are going big this year as a new partnership with Katharine Hamnett is on its way. On the occasion of the London Fashion Week, the British fashion designer surprises you all by releasing some brand new, customized Urban Bottles to the public. The location was chosen as it is one of the most iconic events to boost awareness of exploitation and sustainability in the fashion world.

Well ahead of the times, lady Hamnett’s 1989 research into the environmental and social impact of the clothing and textile industry horrified her as she discovered that the true cost of fashion was paid in environmental degradation and human suffering. She then decided to lobby the industry to act for change, but with little success. She was also directly involved in campaigns on issues such as the use of pesticides and the plight of cotton farmers and badgered her licensees to reduce the environmental and social impact of her collections.

This is why it is a big honour for us to partner with her to echo her message. “No More Fashion Victims” is a slogan she invented in 2003 while working with Oxfam, when visiting cotton farmers in Africa who were in a tight situation, to say the least, dying of starvation while producing en masse fast fashion products.

Now, the slogan will be printed on a limited edition Urban Bottle that was released in London during the Fashion Week.

We are very excited by the opportunity of partnering with Katharine Hamnett, because it somehow validates our own sustainability efforts, trying to eradicate the use of disposable plastic bottles, making our own stainless steel infinitely reusable bottles carbon neutral (having implemented Oxygen, our forest, a green lung made of thousands of trees to offset our carbon emissions), and supporting the cleaning of the Ocean via the Clean Ocean Project.

It was a natural step for both Katharine Hamnett and us to partner up and take a stand against fashion victims while advocating sustainability. Sustainability is no longer a left-field notion, consumers are increasingly demanding sustainably made products, and people are agitating for change in all areas.