Plastic Free July: 24Bottles supports Sea Shepherd Italia to promote a month with no plastics

30 Jun 2021

On the occasion of Plastic Free July, the month dedicated to the fight against disposable plastic, 24Bottles supports the Jairo Med project by Sea Shepherd Italia. We want to help them protect sea turtles by donating 1 € for each order placed on the online shop until July 31.

What is Plastic Free July?

Plastic Free July is the global initiative that aims to raise awareness of disposable plastic consumption throughout July. The aim is to propose sustainable alternatives to disposable packaging and containers, educating on correct differentiation for recycling, scale down waste, and above all, inviting people to reduce their impact on the planet.
Every summer, in July, people from all over the world are invited to take part in this challenge: to spend a whole month without using single-use plastic.

Avoid disposable plastic with 24Bottles

Choosing 24Bottles means taking care of yourself, your health and the Planet. Our goal is to reduce the impact of disposable plastic bottles on the Planet and our lives. To make this choice easier, we have created Italian-designed water bottles with certified materials safe for the health and the environment, studying comfortable functionality for everyday life but with great attention to style.

Why supporting Sea Shepherd Italia and the Jairo Med project?

Every year, hundreds of Loggerhead turtles risk their lives. These animals are strongly affected by the impact of humans on their ecosystem. Many of them ingest plastic and longlines, get trapped in fishing nets or suffer attacks by mussel farmers. Furthermore, the presence of humans on the beaches can harm their nests.
Through the Jairo Med project, Sea Shepherd Italia organizes training courses and employs its volunteers to:
– report and retrieve turtles in distress
– cure and release them in their natural environment
– patrol miles and miles of beaches to find turtle nests
– protect the nests and ensure that thousands of turtles can be born each year and reach the sea safely

What can you do?

Choose your 24Bottles to avoid plastic and reduce your impact on the Planet: 
until July 31, we will donate € 1 to Sea Shepherd Italia’s Jairo Med project for every order placed on

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