24Bottles and responsible travel: did you know you could fly with your reusable bottle?

21 Feb 2020

As soon as you have unpacked the bags of your last trip, you’re already planning the next one?
Do you spend hours going through travel books in your favourite library and daydreaming, but you are more and more concerned about the impact that your choices have on the planet?
24Bottles’ travel tips are here to help you follow your desire for adventure in a more eco-friendly way.

Pack light and hit the road!

There are many different ways to travel, but all navigated globetrotter would agree on this: packing light is crucial.
Pack only one week of essentials, including your Urban Bottle.
Our most lightweight stainless steel, reusable bottle
will allow you to avoid buying plastic ones. Refill it at crystal clear mountain springs or monumental fountains of a Renaissance city.

24Bottles follows your wanderings by providing accessories that will make your hydration easy at every time of the day. Try Sport Lid, featuring a convenient flip-open straw that fits all our bottles.

Are you looking for a solution for carrying your bottle safely without having to stuff anything more inside your backpack or suitcase?Bottle Tie is the solution you’re looking for. Extraordinary flexible, tie it around your 24Bottle and attach it to a bag or trouser loop, without any carabiner.

Also, did you know you could fly with your 24Bottles? Just empty it before the security check at the airport. Then, fill it in the gate area and take it with you on board.

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Quench your thirst for adventure!

Drinking enough water keeps you healthy and hydrated, improves your brain functions, and helps you look your best.

Carrying a water bottle wherever you go is a smart way of remembering to stay correctly hydrated, and what if it could also keep your beverages at the right temperature?

Picture it: you’ve just come out of the sea, and you’re enjoying the warmth of the sun. All you need to do is reach out to your Clima Bottle to savour ice-cold water or lemonade like you just took it out of the fridge.

Or maybe, taking a break from a long walk in the mountains where the crisp air tickles your face, you may want to stop in front of a magnificent panorama sipping a strong and revitalizing tea. No need of bringing a kettle nor a mug, Infuser Bottle is the all-in-one alternative that makes brewing easy and quick.

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24Bottles and responsible travel: stay true to yourself!

When travelling, you should be ready to embrace different cultures, learn other languages and meet new people.
Stay true to your plastic-free philosophy while grabbing the opportunities that travelling brings you!

Be flexible and open-minded: are you strolling down New York’s avenues and you are craving for a frappuccino or a chai latte? Put up your best smile and ask it to be served in your Travel Tumbler!

Are you enjoying a sandwich at a kiosk on the beach in Spain? Instead of buying a plastic water bottle, ask to refill your reusable one. Setting a good example is the first step to positively influence a real change in people’s habits. Your gesture will not go unnoticed and could encourage others to adopt 24Bottles.

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Think about your little ones!

Travelling with kids can be challenging, but it’s a chance of building memories that will stay magical. Plus, what better way of encouraging sustainable habits that, hopefully, they will keep once they have grown up?

Clima Bottle 330 ml and Urban Bottle 250ml, with their cheery patterns and bright colours, will conquer the heart of your little ones. They will be happy to have an accessory at their one size and to be able to imitate the grown-ups.

With 24Bottles, responsible travel is for everyone!

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