SOU SOU and 24Bottles in Taiwan: sustainable Italian-Japanese design

13 Aug 2019

SOU SOU and 24Bottles went to Taiwan! 24Bottles partnered with SOU‧SOU, the Japanese brand widely monitored by fashion trend-setters and loved by young artists all over the world.

SOU‧SOU 24Bottles

SOU SOU and 24Bottles

The opportunity for this partnership came in conjunction with the extraordinary opening of the first SOU‧SOU store in Taiwan.

To frame this highly anticipated event was Eslite R79, where the Kyoto SOU‧SOU store was completely re-created. 
The style of the Eslite R79 store was adapted to match the Japanese brand’s style. 
Shop windows were covered with authentic patterns so that fans can get to know SOU‧SOU at close range.

At 24Bottles, we’re thrilled to be working with SOU‧SOU because we love the brand’s unique patterns and history.

sou sou

About SOU‧SOU Kyoto

SOU · SOU was founded in 2002 by textile designer Katsuji Wakisaka, architect Hisanobu Tsujimura and producer Takeshi Wakabayashi.

Childlike motifs and bright colours are the brand’s emblem, designed in Kyoto, with a nod to the evolving seasons’ beauty.

With SOU · SOU, a contemporary and vibrant Japanese aesthetic is emerging in Kyoto, reminiscent of the former Japanese capital’s vitality.

SOU‧SOU hopes to revive traditional Japanese craftsmanship through design.

The aim of SOU‧SOU Kyoto as a brand is to “[create] a new interpretation of Japanese culture based on Japanese tradition.”

Instead of reproducing patterns from ancient kimonos on shirts and bags, SOU‧SOU Kyoto designers re-examine what is appealing about traditional Japanese models and then use that understanding to produce something fresh.

sou sou taiwan

The SOU · SOU show at Eslite R79, has been combined with the print “Ten numbers”, the pattern chosen to dress one of the two Urban Bottles of the SOU · SOU x 24Bottles collaboration.

The print was also used to create a beautiful digital wall and an exclusive exhibition of 80 designers’ original paintings, to feel Kyoto’s beauty under the nib of the designer.

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