Sport Tumbler: the insulated mug for sports drinks and non-stop workout hydration

09 Sep 2021

The new functionality

The Fall Winter 2021/22 collection features an all-new functionality on 24Bottles’ Travel Tumbler. The Sport Tumbler is dedicated to all the active people who want to avoid single-use plastics while working out.

Workout hydration

The Athleisure Collection is specially designed for sports hydration. Born in 2018 to launch the Sport Bottle, our non-insulated bottle with Sport Lid, features a flip-open straw for comfortable and non-stop hydration during training.

For the Fall Winter 2021 Collection, we wanted to take the Athleisure Collection to a whole new level. That’s why we created the Sport Tumbler: the insulated sports mug with long straw. We designed it to ensure a more convenient, non-stop drinking experience for better hydration while doing sports, and we added the insulation system: it keeps your sports drinks hot for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.

Sports drinks and beyond

Now you have a full range of sports bottles and sport tumblers to choose from, based on your favourite drinking experience and depending on what kind of sports drinks you need for your workout.
If your training sessions are very short and you just need an extra lightweight, non-insulated bottle, then you’d probably going to choose the Sport Bottle.
On the other hand, if you like your sports drinks icy cold and upright drinking position, then you’re going to love the new Sport Tumbler. Fill it with your electrolytes, sports drinks, vitamin water and rule out single-use plastics from your workout.

Upright drinking and one-handed opening

The little, flip-open system of Sport Tumbler is designed for one-handed opening, while the long straw enables upright drinking. Whether it be cardio, weights, fitness, gym, cycling or hiking trail, you can quench your thirst with just one movement without losing a single repetition.

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