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What is better: stainless steel or aluminium water bottles?

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The expressions “water bottle” and “metal bottle” are too general.
Whether it be a sport bottle or a kids bottle, the best metal water bottle features safe and quality materials.

If you are choosing your reusable water bottle, we recommend considering its materials.
Metals can be very different, especially when it comes to materials in contact with food.
Even more so, you need to carefully choose if you’re looking for a water bottle for kids.

Vacuum bottle or non-insulated bottle: which is the best water bottle? It depends on your needs. Whether it be an insulated water bottle or not, we strongly recommend that the best food contact material is stainless steel.

The best insulated bottles, as well as the non-insulated ones, are made of stainless steel.

The best reusable water bottles are the stainless steel ones. They guarantee health safety and a lightness that makes it easy to handle as aluminium bottles, but with more excellent resistance.

Why is a stainless steel bottle better than an aluminium one?
Aluminium water bottles can pose a health risk. On the other hand, a stainless steel water bottle is safe with all drinks.

Aluminium can quickly rust and release toxic substances when it comes into contact with acidic, carbonated or hot drinks.

Moreover, aluminium and other materials undergo a specific coating process which usually involves an additional protective layer.

This inner coating film often contains plastic, with all the problems surrounding its contact with drinks, making an aluminium bottle unsafe for health.

The best insulated water bottle is the one that allows you to preserve temperature and taste, without health risk, like Clima Bottle by 24Bottles.
Even for non-insulated water bottles, the best choice is stainless steel, like the safe and very light Urban Bottle model by 24Bottles. .

For these reasons, the best choice is a stainless steel reusable bottle.
Alternatively, you can choose a non-insulated bottle, but you’ll want to make sure it’s made from stainless steel anyway.

24Bottles thermos flask Clima Bottle, 24Bottles gourde Urban Bottle, as well as 24Bottles coffee cup Travel Tumbler and all other 24Bottles products, are made of food-grade austenitic stainless steel, the best for your health and safety.

Stainless steel is an alloy of iron, nickel, manganese, copper and chromium.
Thanks to its alloy, stainless steel is more stable than other materials and is less likely to release any metal, including nickel.

The AISI 304 series stainless steel is composed of 18% chromium and 8% nickel (for this reason, the abbreviation 18/8 is common, too).

Austenitic stainless steel is the most specific grade in food use, thanks to its characteristics:
– non-porous
– not corrosive
– highly resistant to rust
– waterproof
– resistant to oxidizing acids

Thanks to these characteristics, stainless steel is naturally safe. It does not need any further process to make it harmless when it comes to food contact.

All 24Bottles stainless steel water bottles are constantly tested and certified for quality and hygiene standards as required by the law.
Because safety comes first, and health protection is paramount to us at 24Bottles.

24Bottles stainless steel water bottles comply with MOCA, the European Council directive relating to materials in contact with food.
They developed the directive to raise the quality standards of food production. Moreover, the aim is to reduce risks to public health by eliminating potentially harmful contamination caused by chemical migration from materials to the product.

All 24Bottles reusable water bottles carry the MOCA logo to prove they have been tested and found compliant.

Find out more about our safety tests and certifications.

Original Design

Our products are designed in Italy.
The shape of our water bottles is unique in the world.
We combine form and function, lightness and compactness, comfort and style.

Zero Emissions

All CO2 emissions released to create each 24Bottles are absorbed by our Oxygen forest.

High Portability

Perfect dimensions, minimum size and maximum capacity.
We offer comfortable solutions to hydrate on the go.
Excellent performance in less space and weight than other products of the same size.

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