The reduction of waste and pollution is the main goal behind our research for the most comfortable, reliable and sustainable designs.
Sustainability is about the relationship between humans and the environment.
Every human activity unfortunately produces CO2, so it is up to us to improve our daily habits, in order to limit our damage and preserve the planet.
Apart from offering a healthy solution for your daily hydration, our stainless steel bottles will also help you reduce your own carbon footprint. Day after day, every time you refill your Urban Bottle you will officially claim that you don’t need to rely on a disposable plastic bottle for your hydration.
Is the number printed on our 500ml bottles.
It is the quantity of CO2 you save from releasing into the atmosphere every time you choose to drink from your Urban Bottle instead of buying a disposable water bottle.  
80 grams (0,08Kg) is indeed the quantity of CO2 released into the atmosphere for the production of a single-use plastic bottle.
We have measured our carbon footprint
Together with Reteclima® we have assessed and certified that our Urban Bottle 500ml, from raw materials to production, packaging and transport, releases  543,3 grams of CO2 into the atmosphere. This is the equivalent of the production of just 6,46 plastic bottles of the same volume.
The Urban Bottle has net zero carbon footprint
What is even more important, is that the overall CO2 emissions coming from the production, packaging and transport of every single Urban Bottle are already offset through international reforestation projects.
Methodological notes: This simplified assessment has been performed by Rete Clima for Design 24 Srl by using technical databases (i.e.: PE database, ELCD/Plastics Europe; BUWAL), on the basis of data provided by the producer
Another reason to partner with ReteClima is that we can also praise a Zero Emission Website. In the current year we neutralised 85kg of CO2eq through the reforestation of an urban area in the North of Italy.
We do love cycling and sustainable mobility. We are therefore supporting WeCity, a digital platform and app promoting intelligent mobility while giving rewards to those who spare CO2 emissions by moving in sustainable ways such as bike, public transport and car sharing.