The tiny house diaries

18 Apr 2018

“aVOID wants to inspire people about more sustainable living habits through architecture.”

Growing up in a very small room in his parents’ apartment, Leonardo Di Chiara has always had a taste for minimalism. After his studies as an architect and engineer at the University of Bologna, his growing interest for human-scale architecture and experimental living brought him to join in 2016 Van Bo Le-Mentzel’s newly founded Tinyhouse University in Berlin. The meeting with Van Bo Le-Mentze was what gave him the right motivation to put his knowledge into practice and build his first house.

aVoid is indeed a 9 sqm living space that draws inspiration from the American “tiny house” typology, with a strong adhesion to the minimalist principles, the “less is more” movement and a more sustainable lifestyle. However, despite its limited space, aVoid is equipped with every comfort needed for everyday life.

tiny house Avoid by Leonardo di Chiara and 24Bottles
tiny house Avoid by Leonardo di Chiara and 24Bottles

The house is composed of a single room lacking any piece of furniture, at a first sight. The homogeneity and the indeterminateness of the grey colour are suddenly interrupted by the opening of a reclinable device such as a wall bed, tables, chairs, kitchen, a ladder and so on. The activation of this wall-mounted mobile devices enables different uses of the living space and the natural wooden texture gives a sense of domestic warmth and relaxation.

The main goal of Leonardo’s project is to test the mobile tiny house typology and raise a social awareness to rethink housing models, especially given the rapid changes of contemporary society.
Assembling several tiny houses in a row could be, in facts, a possible solution to metropolis’ emergencies like overpopulation or apartment shortage. Or at least a step in the right direction, for a more rational urban development within the city. Also, its “on-wheels” feature allows it to create a new living system, the “Migratory Neighborhood”.

As part of his professional research Leonardo has been living in his “tiny house” for one year and from April 3rd, 2018, aVoid will be the protagonist of a tour starting in Berlin and ending in Rome, stopping in several locations. aVoid will serve as a physical platform to empower discussions around topics such as sustainability, self-construction, and mobile living in relation to the possibilities offered by tiny houses.
We at 24Bottles, couldn’t be more proud to have supported Leonardo on his journey to a greener and more minimalistic lifestyle, always keeping in check functionality, sustainability and a modern design.

tiny house Avoid by Leonardo di Chiara and 24Bottles