Up and running with 24Bottles Athleisure Collection

28 Sep 2018

24Bottles listens, 24Bottles delivers.
Here we are with the new, carbon-neutral 24Bottles Athleisure Collection meant for all people who can’t get enough of working out.

24Bottles Athleisure Collection stainless steel bottle

24Bottles Athleisure Collection: easy to carry

All our bottles are ideal for any kind of situation. They come with an easy-to-carry, perfect-sized design which makes them suitable for any case. Although people wanted something more prone to satisfy their needs, even when stopping isn’t an option.
What was our response, you may ask? We listened and delivered!
After many days, even months, of brainstorming, we asked ourselves what could have been a carefully-designed, BPA-free solution to help our community facing workout the best way possible.
We wanted something that could be equally cool and practical and that, gals and guys, is how Athleisure Collection was born.

24Bottles Athleisure Collection lightweight water bottle

No more interruptions

Featuring an innovative, pop-up straw, now athletes have a more convenient, non-stop drinking experience while doing sports.
But that’s not it! Sport Lid is meant for Athleisure Collection, yes, but it can be used on all Clima and Urban Bottles too. As a matter of fact, we wanted to offer our people a solution that could fit their personal style alongside their needs.

Just one movement
Running track, gym, hiking trail or rush hour and related hydration issues won’t hold your thirst down. A new, convenient solution will now enhance your day and set your path on the right foot!