24Bottles promises to replace products if they are damaged or unusable at purchase.

Please note that this warranty covers all metal, plastic, cotton and leather parts, and includes only manufacturing defects of 24Bottles’ products purchased from www.24bottles.com.

If the product has been purchased from an authorized retailer, it is necessary to return it directly to the retailer. Worn parts, dents, scratches and chipped paint are not cause for replacement and will not be recognized as covered by the warranty, as they come from regular use of the product.

With regards to the array of bottles, our warranty covers any leak caused by a defect in the stainless steel material or the lid. Intentional damage and misuse of the product can void the warranty.

Specifically, concerning Clima Bottle and Urban Bottle, any possible deformation or flaw coming from placing it in the freezer or washing it in the dishwashing machine will also void the warranty. Only uncoated stainless steel products are dishwasher safe.

Concerning Porta Bottiglia, general wear, including (but not limited to) the breakdown of colours and materials over time, is not considered a manufacturing defect.

To make a warranty claim, please use the widget Support -> Contact Us, selecting Type of Request -> Shopping online -> Warranty, including pictures of the defect and a brief description of the issue.

Our Support Team will respond within five business days.