Winter Warmers

16 Jan 2018

Temperatures are gradually dropping, taking us to the season of thick knits and burning fireplaces. But, with a nice cuppa of a soothing hot beverage, we can face even the coldest days on the front foot.

Moka Coffee

Moka coffeeIf you’re a moka coffee drinker, why not making two? The first one will serve you up throughout the day: as you hear the coffee bubbling, pour it into your Clima Bottle and put it in your bag. Forget about it until you’ll feel the need for a pick-me-up. After having your morning caffeine dose, add to your bottle the coffee left from the second moka, and here you go!

Hot Tea

A watched pot never boils so, you’d better do something else after sticking the kettle. Meanwhile, you can choose what tea bags to bring for the day. We actually do love and keep some classic Earl Grey and berries-flavoured teas in the office kitchen.

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas can be made from any leaf, root, fruit or flower that comes from a plant and there’s, therefore, plenty of options to treat yourself with this healthy and savoury infusions.With a teaspoon of your favourite herbs and some hot water, you can have a comforting drink in no time. Shake gently your Clima Bottle to blend the herbs and savour the taste.

Hot Chocolate

Yes, you can! Bring warmth and happiness on those chilly mornings at the desk. Others will be jealous when the smell of chocolate will invade their nostrils. Sit back and enjoy

Whether it is hot water you carry to brew your drink on-the-spot or you prepare your hot beveragebefore leaving home, Clima Bottle will keep the heat even in freezing temperatures