Xmas Gift Guide: our Bottles can fit any style

20 Nov 2017

Look forward to Christmas and don’t get stuck at the Eve with nothing in your hands
to celebrate the people you love the most. Here’s a little Gift Guide we put together to help you choose the best gifts for the best people you know.

The Gentleman

The Gentleman needs a gift that suits his innate elegance and completes his outfit.
Let’s see something basic that can suit him right.

The Goddess

The Goddess needs to take control of everything around her as well as the center stage in any occasion.
She’s an independent woman with a strong character as well as an infinite dispenser of energy and joy.
Make sure to please her with something bold (and gold).

The Artist

There are no limits to the fantasy of the Artist. It must be fed with new styles and uncommon patterns. The Artist is capable of matching creatively clothes and different accessories, with their own style and personality.

The Adventurer

The Adventurer just can’t stand in one place.
Wanderlust is what drives them and gives them pleasure with difficult paths and new exciting trips.
The adventurer needs the right gear to cross borders and the rustic colors of the Earth Collection will help them match their style.

The Urban Cyclist

Urban Cyclists are one with their bike.
Give them a gift that can make their ride more awesome.
They may as well bring some good wine to the next dinner at yours…


Your pick will surely be the right one.
Plenty of goods, colors and sizes are available to please and accomodate also the most important person in your life…
Merry Christmas to You <3